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Understanding Agricultural Industrial Technology

Agricultural Industrial Technology is an applied scientific discipline with an emphasis on how to plan, design, develop and evaluate an integrated system (including people, materials, information, togel singapore equipment and energy) in agro-industrial activities to achieve optimal performance (efficiency and effectiveness). Still according to Wikipedia, this field of science applies mathematics, physics, chemistry or biochemistry, social economics, principles and methodology in its analysis and design to make estimates and evaluate the results obtained from integrated agro-industry. system. This is a combination of two fields of science, namely process engineering & industrial engineering with the formal object being the utilization of agricultural products.

Agricultural industrial process technology systems, namely agricultural activities related to planning, installation and repair of integrated systems (in the form of materials, resources, equipment & labor) in agro-industrial factories. Industrial management is a study related to planning, operating and improving integrated systems on agro-industrial business system problems.
Agro-industrial technoeconomics, namely studies related to planning, analysis and policy formulation for a system that is integrated with agro-industrial problems.
Quality management, namely how to apply bo slot gacor management principles (in the form of planning, implementation & improvement) to basic materials and raw materials, process systems, products and the environment to achieve the specified quality level.

Definition of Agricultural Engineering

Agricultural Engineering, or in English agricultural engineering, is the application of basic techniques in the agricultural sector. This includes the fields of agricultural cultivation machinery engineering, agricultural natural resources engineering, agricultural / food product processing engineering, agricultural energy & electricity, agricultural workshops & instrumentation, ergonomics of agricultural tools & machines, agricultural engineering systems & management, agricultural environment & buildings, as well as engineering land & water resources[2].

Still according to Wikipedia, Agricultural Engineering is a field of science that studies how to increase the efficiency of agricultural businesses in order to increase productivity, quality, continuity of supply of agricultural products, farmer welfare and environmental sustainability. The efficiency in question togel includes land, labor, energy, & resources (both seeds, fertilizer and water).


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